Motorcycle Service & Modifications

From routine maintenance to specialized modifications, we handle it all in-house, ensuring your bike is in top-notch condition. As trusted distributors for a wide array of aftermarket companies, we have access to an extensive range of parts and accessories, allowing us to tailor your bike to your unique preferences and requirements.

Services We Offer


Routine Maintenance

From routine oil changes to replacing spark plugs, air filters, and fluids, we’ve got you covered. Trust us to keep your bike in top-notch condition, so you can enjoy a smooth and safe ride.




When it comes to tires, we specialize in expert mounting and balancing services to ensure your motorcycle rides with precision and stability. At our service center, we proudly offer an extensive selection of high-quality tires from reputable brands such as Pirelli, Dunlop, and Michelin.


Modifications We Offer


Tail Tidy Kits




& More



ECU Tune

Air Filter

Brake & Master Cylinder


Forged Rims

Carbon Rims

Sprocket & Chains


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